04 Jul
  • By Ben Fijal
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TRI Going Global

On July 1st, our family embarked on a 6-month world journey that we expect will take us to 17 countries on 4 continents.  After 6 years in the Green School community on beautiful and blessed Bali the time is ripe to step out with faith into the wider world, to explore, and to discover new ways to learn, to grow, and to give.  Rather than enrolling me in online courses to stay ‘up-to-speed’, my parents have opted to ditch formalized learning outcomes altogether and embrace whatever rich learning experiences we will encounter along the way.

We have three main objectives on doing this trip.

First, to connect with forests wherever we go, by meeting and learning from the people who live in the forests and/or protect them in some way. We would like to explore the possibility of forming new alliances and partnerships with organization in the countries that we visit.  

Second, to share the TRI story across the globe and raise awareness about what’s happening to Indonesia’s forests.  We also want to promote conscious consumption wherever we go.

Lastly, we hope to identify new applications and new markets for TRI Handkerchiefs.

We recognize it’s a rare and profound privilege to embark on a journey like this and we don’t take the opportunity lightly.  Our commitment is to share an important message, to connect people, to connect dots, and to draw attention and support to brave humans that stand for our world’s precious forests.  

Please follow our blog and our instagram feed! We’ll keep you updated with amazing stories from our trip. Also, give us a shoutout on our social media channels. We would love your help in getting us connected with organizations, schools, or individuals that can support our above described objectives.

Onward ho!

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