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Seeking for Changemakers


Change. What is the first thing that comes into your mind reading this word? Uncertainty? Discomfort? Fear? New? Difference? Excitement? Growth? Hope? Your answer is subject to previous experiences but also the underlying human perception of connecting change to discomfort and possibly fear as change is accompanied by the unknown. In both subtle and noticeable manner, we all experience change in our lives. It is important to differentiate between deliberately initiated change caused by ourselves or another individual and unintended change such as our daily plans that are subject to alterations. I personally try to welcome change reminding myself of it being a challenge. After having embraced change, I have previously always felt a notion of growth, advancement, and development. 

While facing change is not always easy, initiating change can be a much greater challenge. It requires knowledge, willpower, a long-lasting positive attitude, drive, commitment, hope, trust, devotion and maybe even convincing others to participate. Changemakers may experience struggles if they are perceived as troublemakers and are prone to skeptical comments of others that can be frustrating, even painful. Leading examples such as Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Malala Yousafzai were maltreated even killed because of fighting for change.

Ben and Tim planted trees

Today, more than ever, our world needs changemakers who believe in themselves as they raise voice and are passionate to contribute to the world. There are numerous ways in which I see urgent change needed. Change to be a conscious individual and change to solve social challenges such as inequality, environmental issues, consumerism, to name a few. While individual activism can be very powerful, in initiating change, I see great benefits to form relationships with other innovators who have similar interests. This is because cooperation allows the exchange of knowledge and enables action taking on a larger scale. It’s important to be aware that everyone can be a changemaker. Anyone anywhere can take action. As it is up to us to make a difference, we shouldn’t wait or hope for change to occur but we should embrace and initiate it. As not many people are courageous enough to initiate change, society needs to support, not belittle changemakers.

Our education systems need to place emphasis on developing strong individuals. Schools must ensure that students take initiative and experience leadership. Classes must be challenging and motivating to increase the student’s knowledge, create space for the students to raise innovative ideas and enable students to learn through collaboration. Teachers need to aid the young generation to grow into clever, critical thinking and courageous strong individuals. With the help of the teachers, students must take care in order to create an impact, take action and initiate sustainable change. There is a lot of change that still needs to be done.

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