Repaired the Floating Library Boat

Ransel Buku’s floating library now reaches twice as many villages with twice as many teachers. TRI funds this project by paying for the boat driver and fuel every month.

Rehydrated peatland forest in Sabangau Forest

TRI donations have paid for 4 more dams installed on illegal canals in the Sabangau forest keeping vast areas of precious peat land, habitat to a large population of endangered orangutans, hydrated and safeguarded from burning.

Funded patrols who are protecting the Leuser ecosystem

With our donations to HAkA Sumatra we are funding 2 more patrols, working night and day, protecting the riparian zones of the Leuser ecosystem against poachers and illegal farming that threaten biodiversity in the last remaining ecosystem on Earth where tigers, elephants, rhinos and orangutans co-exist.

Trained Dayak members to become professional videographer and documentary filmmaker

Professional videographer and documentary film-making training was provided to Dayak members of the Ranu Welum team enabling indigenous voices to be heard on the issue of deforestation.

Planted mangrove trees in Northwest Bali

Trees are getting planted in a mangrove restoration effort in Northwest Bali led by Putri Menjangan, a community led conservation team.

Trained more than 25 firefighting volunteers

Fire-fighting training was provided to members of YouthAct so a growing team of forest protectors are equipped to take action when the need arises.