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Ben’s Mom’s Perspective on the TRI Journey

Less than a year ago when Ben decided to use handkerchiefs for his grade 8 graduation presentation,
I never expected TRI will be the way it is now.
It has been amazing that this project has attracted all these people who have passion and enthusiasm to help TRI and Indonesia’s forests! We have come a long way since we started.
There were a lot of mistakes we made during the process but we have also been learning a lot too.

And the more I observe TRI’s progress, the more I see myself changing my way of thinking too.
After seeing those peat land forests in Borneo and the orangutans living in them and the people working to protect them, now I am making conscious efforts not to buy products containing palm oil.
And before I used to pick a handful of tissues to wipe my face at a restaurant and not think anything of it, now I feel guilty not to use my handkerchief instead. Maybe these are small things, but I think this awareness is the beginning of tremendous change.

When we think about caring for the environment and doing good things for the world, sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming and like we can’t really make a difference.  But it’s all about awareness.  It doesn’t mean I have to give up everything and make radical changes, but even when I start to change my habits, I also influence others around me to do the same thing.  Think of the change we can make collectively with these small efforts!  Maybe we really can do something good for the world…

This year we will keep trying to spread the TRI message to many people in many places.  Let’s each do our part to keep these beautiful forests and all of their beautiful creatures from disappearing from this planet.

I am so grateful that TRI has given our family this chance to learn and grow together.

-Insook Park,
Ben’s mom.

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