15 Mar
  • By Ben Fijal
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Becoming a Conscious Consumer

It’s been a year since we had the idea of TRI and along the journey we’ve changed a lot. We’ve changed colors, handkerchief material, we’ve changed our marketing strategy and more. The thing that I hadn’t planned for is that I’ve been more aware of my own paper tissue consumption and palm oil consumption as well. Since I had visited Kalimantan firsthand and seen the people of Kalimantan, the beautiful peatland forests and of course Orangutans which you can’t help but to have a connection with the creatures, I have been completely touched and obviously wanted to do something to protect all of Indonesia’s forest. When learning about deforestation you learn a lot about palm oil and all the products it’s found in, and the one name that always comes up for me is:Oreo. For years I had been a big Oreo guy. After school, buy Oreo, go to convenience store, buy Oreo and what had surprised me was that right after I had come back from Kalimantan, My Oreo consumption rapidly dropped. Every time I look at one I can’t help but to think of my orangutan friends in Kalimantan. And as for tissues, I haven’t used a single one since Kalimantan either. It’s hard to just accept the fact that eating an oreo could cost an orangutan’s life or that a paper tissue might result in original peatland forests being cleared just for the sake of wiping my hands or my face. My dad always talks about being more conscious consumers, I think I’m starting to get it.

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