My mom had an idea. She suggested we start a family project to make handkerchiefs, sort of like this one my dad had in his pocket for 20 years. He got it in Korea when he lived there and it’s got a map of national parks on it. My mom said “Ben, why don’t you make the same things but with tourist maps of Bali, you’ll sell tons of them.” And that’s when the story of TRI begins.


Currently, we are supporting 3 organizations in Kalimantan, 1 in Sumatra and 1 in Bali. Since 2016, we have achieved some incredible things, thanks to everyone who have supported us and purchased our ‘chiefs.

Friends of TRI

Ever since local businesses joined the TRI tribe, we have been able to exponentially multiplied our impacts. Check out our network of supporters and see how you can be one!