GraTRItude Box
US$100 or IDR1,000,000

Happy GraTRItude month!

To close the year and start 2018 with something meaningful for the earth and the forest, we want to invite you to join our GraTRItude campaign. This campaign is dedicated to all of our grassroots partners who are doing important work in protecting the forest and our earth.

Our goal is to raise Rp 20,000,000 (about US$ 1,800) by 31st of January.

When you donate $100, your impact is bigger. You’ll contribute to all of our grassroots partners’ projects in Kalimantan, Bali, dan Sumatera:

  • We will plant 200 mangrove trees with Nature Conservation Forum Putri Menjangan’s patrols in Northwest Bali
  • Fund the Boatman’s salary and fuel for Ransel Buku’s Floating Library for 2 months
  • Build a dam to block an illegal canal and rehydrate a vast area of the Sabangau Forest with Borneo Nature Foundation
  • Pay two patrols’ salaries to guard riparian zones of the Leuser Ecosystem, Sumatera, against illegal poachers, loggers, and palm oil plantations with HAkA.
  • Also with this campaign, we officially welcome our new TRIbe member, the Center of Orangutan Protection (COP) from East Kalimantan! With your donation, we will also build a TRI boat to help them release orangutans in Sungai Lesan Forest area, Kalimantan.

How can you donate?

Simply click either one of the buttons below and make your donation! Every donation will come along with a special GraTRItude gift box from us. The higher you donate, the more organizations you can support. 😉

Our goals is to have 8 of these gift boxes delivered.

Included in the gift box:

  • 2 bandanas (classic design and/or bali street map)
  • 1 totebag or 1 Biodiversity Map Bali Bandana
  • 1 Friends of the Earth or Orangutan Bandana
  • 1 pouch.


Let’s make this happen!

Donate now!